Satisfyer Women Foaming Toy Wash


Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner – 221 ml Bottle

Who knew hygiene could be so fluffy! This Foaming Toy Wash has been specially developed for your Satisfyer products. Use this gentle cleansing foam to take your toys to seventh heaven. Satisfyer Foaming Toy Wash uses an alcohol-free formula to thoroughly clean your toys, offering reliable protection against a range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The foam is gentle on materials, and turns the dull task of cleaning your toys into a fun-filled activity with extra fluff factor!

How to do it

Clean your toy with warm water as usual. Squirt a little Foaming Toy Wash into your palm, and lather your toy thoroughly. Rinse and allow to dry. You’re done!

Use Foaming Toy Wash carefully. Before use, always read the label and the product information.

– Alcohol-free formula

– Gentle disinfection

– Perfect for all Satisfyers

– Care & cleansing without spotting

– Protection from bacteria & viruses

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